We know the best form emerges from an idea-led process. Built Thought identifies then frames insights within our working process. Our four-phase approach applies from work to airports, to hotels, workplace strategy to built form. The 4D’s are our creative process – driving solutions from the drawing board to the real world.


Insights. We use design research and strategic evaluation to inform the direction of each project. In each case the essential aims, intentions, and opportunities are discovered and identified as design insights.


Scope. Insights found in Discover are formulated as initial concepts on paper. We see Define as a collaborative effort to understand how the project fits into the wider landscape of human needs, as well as technical and commercial opportunities.


Resolve. Drawings become refined designs as we work to distil visions for the built form from the wide range of initial concepts. From the platform of our experience we review and refine each facet of the work. The design evolves in response to user testing, feedback, and strategic analysis – an iterative process of design. The technological, cultural, environmental and commercial realisation of the building emerges.


Documentation. In order to guarantee the accurate translation of idea to reality, all project details are specified, documented, and delivered to the client for implementation. Warren and Mahoney observes and administers the construction process, facilitating partnerships, and providing support as necessary.


The pursuit of architectural excellence lies at the core of our practice, across a diverse range of interior, building, and infrastructure projects. We believe that the quality of the design of our environment – in all its dimensions - affects the quality of our lives.  

Warren and Mahoney is an insight led multi-disciplinary architectural practice. As one of New Zealand’s largest and most accomplished design practices with a history spanning 60 years, the practice has designed and delivered a wide range of diverse, complex projects and has a reputation for delivering high quality and enduring built work. Warren and Mahoney’s design philosophy is founded on the belief that human experience is improved through enduring design excellence, delivered through formal simplicity and material quality.

Workplace Consultancy

Contemporary workplace consulting defines each workplace as a fundamental driver of the success of the organisation it houses. Our interior and architecture disciplines work closely together to create our workplace projects. This collaboration serves the inter-connected analytical, strategic, and creative requirements of our Clients. We see a successful workplace project as first involving the definition of a clear strategic brief. Following this the planning, guided by this brief, of an organisation’s structure and flexible behaviour is followed by the design of an environment that expresses the organisation’s essential character and values.

Masterplanning + Urban Design

Warren and Mahoney has master-planned a wide range of public and commercial environments throughout its history. These range from secondary schools, to campus projects, community cultural and sports centres, as well as mixed use commercial environments. Our master-planning practice has developed alongside the maturing sophistication and depth of the discipline of urban design. Beyond the urban design needs of each building project specific master-planning and urban design commissions have also informed our evolving practice. Our approach is to develop spatial frameworks that reflect the unique cultural and environmental dimensions of each project. We design to provide a high degree of flexibility as a site’s sense of place develops and evolves.

Sustainable Design

Sustainability is a core value of our practice. We believe sustainability is integral to the achievement of architectural excellence. We work with our Clients to identify the environmental potential and goals of each project as early as possible, and then seek out practical means by which to deliver on these goals. Warren and Mahoney has led in the development of sustainable design in New Zealand assisting in the founding of the New Zealand Green Building Council, designing our first Five Star Green Star commercial and tertiary education projects, and becoming New Zealand’s first carboNZero rated architectural practice.

Retail Transformation

At Warren and Mahoney, we talk about Retail Transformation rather than retail design because where retail design limits the discussion to plans and finishes, Retail Transformation opens the conversation up to business strategies that consider all forms of retail and draw in various streams of the business.  Retail, to us, is about an interaction. It is about a relationship between people, and how to create the best environment for that interaction. Our approach to retail transformations is business-centric. We create physical solutions that enable staff to bring the desired customer experience to life. We spend a significant amount of time in the initial stages of design researching what customers, staff and the business will need from the space. We do this by balancing customer experience principles against business foundation needs, immersing ourselves in future business trends and researching business stream delivery options. Without this background knowledge, it would be easy to create an environment that doesn’t actually respond to business needs and customer requirements.

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