TVNZ Television Network Centre
TVNZ Television Network Centre

TVNZ Television Network Centre

The TVNZ Network Centre was a complex and technically demanding project in that the building's technical areas had to be completed, equipped and operating a bare 12 months from commencement of construction, and the remaining area occupied in stages over the following ten months. The building houses TVNZ channels, on-air production and is also the administration centre.

The building is larger than it looks, since the main technical floor and full car parking basement cover nearly the whole 7800m² site. The ground falls one storey between Hobson and Nelson Streets, so half the technical floor is hidden below ground. This floor consists of a complex maze of internal spaces grouped around five studios, each with its adjacent control and editing suites. Pre-recording activities are grouped nearby. The newsroom was the only facility requiring natural light, and was, therefore, placed along the Nelson Street frontage. Further technical facilities are on the floor above, in a west block along Nelson Street. The cafeteria and other staff facilities take up the top of the west block.

Offices are in two wings around a long 6-storey, glass-roofed atrium running from the entrance in the north-east curving into the site, and descending to the main technical floor. The northern wing steps up through three floors and curves against the straight southern wing. One continuous staircase runs straight up the length and height of the atrium tying the activities of the two wings together. This space creates an informal meeting and greeting area where staff can interact in a natural and informal way. At the eastern end, the lift shaft and a staircase, with curved landings, runs up to form a circular tower supporting the microwave-link dishes; this is balanced by a pair of lifts at the western end of the two wings. The roof-line of the west block follows this repeated form of raking stairs and landings.

The long faces of the office wings are sheathed in reflective bands of silver and black glass. However, the ends of the blocks are treated differently, with their structural concrete frames exposed, and the glass set well back behind the columns and beams. The long rake of the atrium staircase is repeated in the exit stair at the descending edge of the north wing.

The TVNZ centre is the very essence of the star world,
that of seeing and being seen.

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