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Peter Marshall

In response to the catastrophic effects of the 2011 earthquakes on central Christchurch, Warren and Mahoney has given thought to the future shape and character of the central business district. 

Ten Thoughts 

In March 2011, while it was too soon to propose specific solutions, we asked: “what are the key insights which might inform the reconstruction of our city?”

We initiated Ten Thoughts for Christchurch as the start of a conversation, to be undertaken with Christchurch itself, to explore common-sense points of departure and key insights for the future shape of our city.

Ten Thoughts x Ten Leaders

In order to test our thinking and to understand the views of others on the potential for a new central city we have undertaken a sequence of conversations with ten leading figures from Christchurch’s business, professional and cultural sectors. 

These dialogues occurred between May and August 2011 and are published as “10x10”.

Looking forward

We recognise and value the intellect and passion expressed by these leaders in their assessment of the challenges confronting us. The city will be stronger for their inherent optimism. 

We are also encouraged that the recently released draft City Plan has responded to each of our Ten Thoughts in its proposed framework for the city as outlined in the Volume 1 document. The points we raise have been identified as fundamental strategies in the new City Plan. 

We look forward to contributing further to the City Plan and to the commencement of the rebuild of our city during 2012.


10 x 10 - Ten Thoughts for Christchurch

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