It's what they

A Documentary
John Coop

Warren and Mahoney was asked to speak at this year’s NZIA conference. The central themes posed by the conference were adaptation and re-configuration of the city and the architectural practice. 

We are currently at a threshold in New Zealand. 2011 represents a point where reconfiguration needs to occur for the growth and development of our cities. It is the right time to have a discussion around the nature and evolution of design practice and process.

Architects talking to Architects is one thing. However, to respond to these themes John connected with five designers and design leaders to pose a series of related questions. Seeking and then sharing this response from those who connect us to others and who we collaborate with provided a wider perspective. 

Thank you to each of our collaborators and Clients for participating and engaging in the debate.

Peter Geyer – Workplace Designer and Founder of Geyer Design, Melbourne
Rod Marler – Architect and Design Manager, Waterfront Auckland
Rachel de Lambert – Landscape Architect and Design Director, Boffa Miskell
Toby Curnow – Designer, Alt Group
Stuart Tucker – Structural Engineer and Design Manager, Victoria Park Tunnel Alliance

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