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Craig Fitzgerald

Christchurch Arts Centre
Turret Restoration

Having been damaged in the initial Canterbury earthquakes of 2010, the College Hall turret has been restored, strengthened and returned to its rightful place on Rolleston Avenue. The 21 tonne turret base and stair was lifted into place on Tuesday, 2nd December 2014.

“The restoration was symbolic of the progress made on site. As we progress towards the completion of College Hall - set to reopen in 2015 - we are very pleased to have the structure completed and strengthened to a level where we can now proudly display such a unique feature." -  Andre Lovett (Chief Executive, Arts Centre of Christchurch).

College Hall was designed by Benjamin Mountfort and originally opened in 1882. The restoration forms part of the Christchurch Art Centre major restoration programme currently underway. 

of progress
made on site.

Andre Lovett
(Chief Executive, Arts Centre)

Photography; David Higgins

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