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Andrew Tu’inukuafe

Workplace design specialist and Principal at Warren and Mahoney, Andrew Tu’inukuafe recently toured the UK and US where the concept of co-working is rapidly growing in popularity.

Speaking on TV One’s Breakfast programme, Andrew says the concept of co-working is not just about organisations using the same space. “An operator might get a space and they will break it up, where you can take as much or as little as you need. What they have is the overlay of the community, the social community and business network. They make it cool, they make it fun”.

Co-working is getting ready to explode. If you can get your people out there - or on the other hand bring your clients in to work beside you - there is a lot of potential business benefit.

Andrew Tu' Inukuafe on TV One Breakfast from Warren and Mahoney on Vimeo.

Video credit: TV One


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