Earthquake Update

Warren and Mahoney's Christchurch office address

As of 19 September 2011, we have relocated to:

Level 1, 30 Sir William Pickering Drive
Burnside, Christchurch 8053
Tel:  +64 3 961 5926

As architects involved with Christchurch for over 50 years we feel a profound commitment to the city and its future. Whilst many significant buildings have been lost forever we believe that the future for the city is as strong as ever. The fundamentals for Christchurch have not changed in the sense of being New Zealand’s second largest city with a strong hinterland, a port, a recognised gateway to the South Island and a community spirit that remains strong.

Warren and Mahoney’s initial response to the issues facing the community, in conjunction with Boffa Miskell, was to facilitate a group of urban planners, designers, engineers, and property managers to share information. Since then we have developed a series of simple concepts entitled Ten Thoughts For The Future of Christchurch, which are now on our website. These have provided a valuable platform for initiating a series of conversations and interviews with a variety of business and community leaders which have in turn provided further insights into our future.We will be publishing these interviews in due course.

We applaud the Christchurch City Council for the initiative it has shown in engaging with the community, and it is quite apparent from similar eventsoverseas that this is a critical aspect of any re-build.

The draft City Plan has been released and a month of consultation with the community has now been completed. The Plan has been strong on urban initiatives and aspirations, and whilst there have been concerns expressed regarding such issues as building heights, car parking requirements and transportation generally, we believe the City Plan as proposed has a strong basis for the city to move forwards. It is imperative that the Plan is signed off as soon as possible, recognising concerns being expressed,to give building owners and investors confidence to plan for the re-build.

There are various other aspects affecting our rebuild, including the lessening of aftershocks and the impact of re-insurance, that need to be played out. However time will become the critical parameter and we firmly believe that by the New Year we will have enough certainty to reinforce our optimism.  

We are heartened by the response of staff, fellow consultants and clients, who to date have adopted a positive outlook and adapted to the new environment we all find ourselves in. The city will be stronger for such optimism.

For more information please contact:

Peter Marshall
Managing Director
Warren and Mahoney

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