At Warren and Mahoney, we’re the sum of the collective brilliance of our people. We’re a team of designers, makers and enablers. Adventure is in our DNA and our purpose is to solve the most complex challenges, creating extraordinary outcomes for our people, our clients, and communities across the Pacific Rim.

We offer our people exciting, ever-changing and diverse opportunities to make an impact on the world and on their careers. That’s due to our strong culture of creativity, collaboration and innovation, and the way we work as ‘one studio’ across our seven Australasian locations. The latest opportunities to join our growing team of change makers are set out below. Or if you can’t see the role for you, please get in touch and let us know about the impact you’re looking to make.

So why join us?

We're ambitious for you

Joining Warren and Mahoney provides access to an amazing diversity of work with a strong design, sustainability, cultural, and innovation focus. Your career is shaped at the cutting edge and, within our ‘one studio’ structure, there’ll be chances to tackle varied, challenging, creative projects across the globe.

We'll help you grow

We’ll give you every opportunity to expand your skills and build your career. We offer in-house mentoring, on the job training, formal training in both technical and soft skills and we support graduate architects seeking registration. We also offer plenty of scope for flexible and remote working, so our people can pursue passions, raise families, and still super charge their careers.

Stories from our team

Fiona Short

Principal, Christchurch

"Sustainability is important to me because I care about what we leave for future generations. We need to design buildings people love so they are kept longer and serve others well into our low-carbon future.

Having built up my experience in sustainable design, I now help guide our teams to design and deliver better long-term outcomes.
Our practice is made up of a lot of talented individuals who work closely in project teams and become like family. The culture here is a unique mix of creative excellence, professionalism and adventurousness. These elements come together in different ways across projects, social gatherings and everyday life."
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James Morgan

Senior Associate, Sydney

“I was really surprised when I started here by how dynamic the studios feel. There are always people working on projects in different studios so you feel part of a larger connected whole. It creates an outward and international focus which is inspirational and aspirational.

I transferred from Auckland to Sydney, where there was the chance to work on larger projects in a more intimate ‘family’ environment, and to contribute to the culture and growth of the studio.

I’ve made lifelong friendships at Warren and Mahoney. You get to work alongside extremely talented and experienced people – some of the most generous with their time and knowledge that I’ve met."
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Julia McPherson

Principal, Wellington

"Flexibility means sometimes I’m at home doing emails and calls on my day off – but it also means I can leave early to do things with my daughter. We have a really strong culture of trust around here and a number of people work flexibly.

We’re very focused on planning and resourcing projects well and sharing workload across studios. We all muck in and help our colleagues. Plus the reward is working on incredible projects – the projects of your life.

As a leader now, I have regular one-on-one catchups with my team, and they know they can come to me with any issues. I look for opportunities for them to work across our ‘one studio’ network, and position them to take these."
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Francis Falani

Associate, Auckland

"Some people may feel intimidated by Warren and Mahoney’s size and reputation as a top New Zealand firm. But you’re never alone here, and there are amazing networks and mentors to support and guide you to be successful.

In my seven years here I’ve been able to work on exciting and challenging projects. I’ve been promoted to Senior Technician and now, with excellent mentoring and support, I’m on the path to becoming registered as an Architect.

Warren and Mahoney has also provided me with amazing workplace flexibility, with opportunities to start and finish early and work from home to tie in with my family commitments."
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Jonathan Goss

Associate Principal, Queenstown

“High levels of creativity are really valued here compared to other practices. Values, identity and authenticity are core principles in the creative work we do and an important part of who we are.

I’ve had the opportunity to step out of my previous design specialism – food and beverage – to become a sector lead in hotels and tourism. It’s been great for my career development to broaden my experience like this in a new area.

Technology like screen sharing allows us to work on documents alongside colleagues in real time. I’m based in Queenstown and have been working on a project in Auckland. I’m still connected and just as productive as if we were in a room together."
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Nadine Kirk

Associate, Christchurch

“I came into Warren and Mahoney as a temp on reception in our Christchurch studio and knew I wanted to work here permanently on the first day. Since that day, I have been given opportunities to advance my career and am now the Operations Manager. When I realised our Australian studios needed more support, and I recognised that I wanted a change and a new challenge, I put my hand up and was transferred to our Sydney studio.

The people are what I enjoy most about working here. Warren and Mahoney has managed to bring together such great people in every type of role. I’ve made lifelong friends while I’ve worked here.”
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Hayley Fisher

Principal, Christchurch

I am a mother to two young children, and I would not be in a leadership position at Warren and Mahoney if I didn’t have a support network that includes both my own family, but also a flexible professional working environment.

What I enjoy most about working at W+M of course always comes down to the people and the projects. There is a strong culture of creativity and excellence. As an organisation, we undoubtedly work hard, and we strive to achieve our best and excel at every project and task we undertake. With this culture comes a responsibility that we care and support one another. There is a great comradery in our practice and a lot of respect. It really is a wonderful, challenging, exciting and supportive place to work and grow as a creative.
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The extras

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We have seven beautiful, high-tech studios, all in great locations. Our active social culture includes sports teams, Friday drinks and plenty of other opportunities to get to know your colleagues.

A group of happy people look at documents in front of a screen


We pay your KiwiSaver employer contribution on top of your salary, offer discounted medical insurance and have an employee assistance programme if you or your family are in difficulty. Plus all the little things – great coffee, fresh fruit, morning and afternoon snacks – that perk up your day.

Two women discuss a project by a window


We want all our people to continuously learn and grow. You’ll get regular on-the-job feedback, plus formal Career Conversations twice a year. We offer mentoring and training programmes for both soft and technical skills, and pay for all our registered architects to attend their National Institute's annual conference.

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Done something amazing? We like to recognise outstanding performance in the moment with valued rewards – for example, restaurant vouchers, or a weekend away. We also acknowledge loyalty through our long-service award programme.

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